10 fundamentals to inspire the muse

Every process begins with purpose. I write poetry to capture beauty in language and imagery in hopes of healing myself and the world. Whether a poem is a euphoric expression of love, a lamentation, or a clarion call, it hastens healing by creating connection. Poetry is evidence of beauty’s persistence…

I never broke my valiant coffee-fast
the whole time you lived in my belly.

But I’d sometimes sneak a mug of hot
homemade chai before my late-afternoon
class in contemplative Judaism.

Who could resist the aromatic spices
wafting from Naropa’s steamy kitchen
at the snowy foothills?

As the peppery clove and cinnamon
warmed my insides, the black tea
awakened you for a swim.

My hands followed
your whole-body shifts,
your agile balletic moves.

Each energetic kick elicited
an involuntary mew or howl–
a primordial repartee gifting
levity to class discussions
inviting smiles from students.

Rabbi thought your sudden activity
a preternatural interest in the Torah.

“Our little mystic is awake,” he’d say.

It made him happy to think this
little being was absorbing the deep truths
he was attempting to convey.

I never told him it was the chai.

Marie Marchand 2021

Creative ways to support your employees who have mental health conditions

Mental health matters. One in four adults lives with a mental health condition. That’s a large percentage of the workforce. There is a lot employers can do to support the success of employees who live and work with mental health conditions.

I’m fortunate that working from home during the pandemic…

I want to write a poem
about the last time
I saw my mother.

It would be a modest poem
describing an autumn afternoon
in Colorado when a mother
and daughter sat together
on a back patio
and the daughter assessed
a neglected lawn full of
leaves, dry grass, and sticks…

Have you lost your usefulness forever?
Will you ever again aggrandize me
in your sweet flowing adornments?

I miss you, clothes!
I miss your fashion and flair. I miss your color
and the way you ripple, swirl, and circulate

so melodically against
my skin, so soft.
You make me pretty.

Marie Marchand

I write poetry to capture beauty through language and imagery in hopes of healing myself and the world. mishiepoet.com @mishiepoet

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