Sep 18, 2022

Benbulbin, Courtesy of Marie Marchand

this wind pellucid and fierce
stitching chaos in my mind

atop the green mountain roiling mist
above the churchyard ruin and lore

here I sway longingly my hair a blinding veil
reciting all I remember of Yeats

he speaks to me he pleads with me
Never understand the weeping of the…



Sep 4, 2022

for Annick

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

By the river again, finally
and I hear your voice rapt
in the glimmer of wave
speaking poetry like a
flowing medieval dance
among flower gardens.

One petal at a time descends
into white caps wedged
at the reedy edge until
whole faces of dahlia
dizzy themselves in
cool shade pools,
mesmerizing me in



Jul 2, 2022

Photo Courtesy of Marie Marchand

I walk alongside the Columbia
to be reminded of
non-negotiable truths.

Although life appears to
flow in one direction,
it’s cyclic.

The USGS says water spends
10 days in the air after it evaporates
before becoming rain again.

If I stand still long enough
I become a channel —
thought forms…



After Ola Gjeilo’s The Lake Isle

Photo by Josep Molina Secall on Unsplash

Your bright

a remedy
for uninspired

Blest by vespers
the restive muse

in willowy
crescendos of
your song.

Rhythms flutter.
awaken as

melodies collide
in manifold

Every note
a salvific




Marie Marchand

Poet Laureate of Ellensburg, WA. Author of Gifts to the Attentive from Winter Goose Publishing. @mishiepoet