The Head and the Heart, July 18, 2019

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sandstone outcrops cradled us
in their carved fire belly
as we danced on waves of red ash
dry streamers, vortices
a sheath of glimmering stars above

with arms raised to the darkening sky
we could not distinguish song from wind
nor our bodies from the breezy melody
so warm and womb-like
on our skin

harmonized voices diffused our arms
into easeful wings
as we became the wind
its gentle rocking force
crashing our faces
then we flew

“What is that?” I asked in breathy awe
pointing to the far black horizon

a glowing dome
coliseum of gods in the distance
the moon’s shining forehead crowned
the definitive line of night
its glowing face as rubiginous
as the jagged rocks that flanked us

for hours the brilliant globe and stars
teased us with sensual delight
as the wind raked its fingers
through our dusty hair

“Come twirl with me,” it said

we obliged, bathing in its coolness
certain that if we died in this moment
we would die happy
forever asleep on slabs of amber stone
and in the background
museful voices singing
in melodic harmony

I write poetry to capture beauty through language and imagery in hopes of healing myself and the world. @mishiepoet

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