Sunrise in Wenatchee

Photo Courtesy of Marie Marchand

I walk alongside the Columbia
to be reminded of
non-negotiable truths.

Although life appears to
flow in one direction,
it’s cyclic.

The USGS says water spends
10 days in the air after it evaporates
before becoming rain again.

If I stand still long enough
I become a channel —
thought forms float through

my mind like clouds
in a ritual of acceptance
and release.

The river teaches me that
what I carry can be relinquished
with practice.

So I practice.

My exhalations ride the current
until the river bends and
my burdens disappear.

“Sunrise in Wenatchee” is published in Gifts to the Attentive © 2022 by Marie Marchand and appears courtesy of Winter Goose Publishing.



Marie Marchand

Poet Laureate of Ellensburg, WA. Author of Gifts to the Attentive from Winter Goose Publishing. @mishiepoet