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Reflections on a Historic Day

Truth-words, gleaming.
Song-words, lilting.
Breath-words, dancing
under sunlight and
fleeting snow.

Voices coax us. Invite.
Come. Come to this edge
of newness where the
winter dove flies free.
Where love enfolds us in
a silent wind-drawn wake.

The world brims with words.
The ones we choose today
will sway our future selves
in tomorrow’s land. Come.

Language spoken, sung,
gestured, thought
directs our emotions and
somatic responses, shapes
our ideas of the world.

Will we despise, or love?
Will we ostracize, or welcome?
Are we in peril, or are we safe?

Life, elevated, invites humanity
into a renewed lexicon of
kindness, honesty, love.
Into new actions of
overdue justice and a
sphere wholly at peace.

Come. Come to this edge
where truth gleams,
songs lilt, and breath dances
from mouths open in awe,
from arms open to the
promise of tomorrow.

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