Marie Marchand

Photo by Josep Molina Secall on Unsplash

Your bright

a remedy
for uninspired

Blest by vespers
the restive muse

in willowy
crescendos of
your song.

Rhythms flutter.
awaken as

melodies collide
in manifold

Every note
a salvific




Graphic created by the author

I happened to be in the grocery store
the moment I gave up for good.

An elderly woman paused in passing
and as if she could see the mound
of broken ribs in my mind
said to me:

“It’s time to shed your stone, Atlas.”

Her tone and delivery were…



Image courtesy of Marie Marchand

caught in moontides
at twilight
briny seawater
scrubs & sears
my lungs

a hypnotic pulse
illumines the shore
my beacon

you pull me from
the noose of
shipwreck nets
& frothwaves

stitch me together
pin roses in my hair
& make me beautiful

cortisol rivulets
dig troughs
in my brain
from past schisms…



Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

Wind whispers in the
labyrinthine hollows of

my ears. A whoosh of sea
sounds, waves overtaking my

fissured frame. I’m listening.
Which secrets? The ones

we crafted together?
Or those you brought

already gift-wrapped?
I’m listening.

All I wanted was for
you to touch me

in the language of
aliveness, to…



Marie Marchand

Marie Marchand

Poet Laureate of Ellensburg, WA. Author of Gifts to the Attentive forthcoming from Winter Goose Publishing. @mishiepoet